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Arm Lift

With aging or as a result of excessive weight gain and loss, sagging occurs on the arm skin. According to the condition of the sagging in the arms, the excess skin part is determined and the subcutaneous tissue is thinned by liposuction first, then the excess skin is removed. The operation takes between 1 and 3 hours on average.

Before the Arm Lift Surgery:

6 hours of fasting is required before the operation. The patient who will undergo surgery should stop taking drugs such as aspirin that prolong bleeding at least 7 days before the operation.

After Arm Lift Surgery:

Rubber tube drains can be placed in this area to prevent post-operative bleeding and fluid accumulation. These are taken after 2-3 days at the most. It is recommended to keep the arms up, especially in the first days after surgery. A pressure bandage is applied to reduce swelling, edema, and bleeding that may occur due to surgery. Three days later, an elastic bandage in the form of a sock that wraps the arm is applied to shape the arm. Usually, there is no stitch to be removed.