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Breast Reduction

Breasts which are larger than their normal size for different reasons and have a sagging appearance (macromastia, gigantomasti, breast hypertrophy) cause physical discomforts such as bra marks on the shoulders, rash under the breasts, chronic back, neck, and shoulder aches, and they negatively affect the daily life of the individual. A person with larger breasts compared to her body is unhappy both because she looks overweight and because she cannot wear clothes in the size and style she wants.

Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the size of the breast to normal dimensions, position the nipple to its right place, and give the breast an aesthetic shape that will preserve its form for a long time. In this surgery, reduction and lifting are done simultaneously.

Who is the surgery performed to?

Young patients with large breasts, patients with large and sagging breasts due to giving birth and weight gain, or patients who put on weight and have large breasts after menopause are suitable patients for breast reduction surgery. Whether or not the enlargement continues and whether or not there is an underlying hormonal problem should be investigated in patients who will have this surgery.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 3 hours. Various techniques can be used in breast reduction surgery. Generally, the incision lines are in the form of a vertical line downwards (lollipop style) around the nipple, while in some patients, a horizontal incision line can be added under the breast (in the form of an inverted T or anchor) depending on the shape and size of the breast. If the patient has an increase in fat on the sides of the breast, liposuction can be applied to that area at the same time.

How is breast shape and size decided?

The pre-operative examination is very important to understand what the patient’s expectations are. Based on the patient’s request, the breast regains its new shape according to the experience of the doctor and the surgery plan chosen.

What are the advantages obtained with breast reduction surgery?

The person gets rid of neck and shoulder aches, her hunched posture is improved, participates in more physical activity, her self-confidence increases, and can wear appropriate size clothes.

What should be done before the surgery?

Before the operation, breast ultrasound/mammography is requested, when necessary, a breast examination is performed by the general surgeon, and evaluation is made.

As in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop smoking an average of 3 weeks before the operation. Medicines and similar substances that can dilute the blood (pain relievers such as aspirin, apranax, voltaren, majesic; multivitamin pills containing substances such as ginseng, ginko biloba, co-enzyme Q, herbal products such as green tea, flaxseed, cherry stalk, and tomato seed) should be avoided in the last 1 week.

How is the post-operative process?

The patient can stand up and walk 4-5 hours after the operation. There is, usually, one night stay in the hospital and the patient can be discharged the next day. A non-wired sports bra is recommended for postoperative use and it is especially important to use it in the first month. On the 3rd day after the operation, the patient comes for a check and can continue her daily life afterward. While sports activities other than walking are not recommended in the first month, all kinds of sports activities can be started as of the 6th week. Surgical scars turn into skin color, on average, one year after the operation, and take their final form. After the operation, follow-ups are made every year by breast ultrasound/mammography.


What are the prices of breast reduction surgery?

Several variables can affect the cost of breast reduction surgery, so the price tends to vary from patient to patient. Therefore, a net price will only become clear after the examination and treatment decision process.



Is breast reduction surgery a risky surgery? What are the risks?

Breast reduction surgery has certain risks as in other surgical operations, but these risks have decreased to a very low level, especially with the advances in medicine. The risks are minimal bleeding, infection, healing problems and risks related to anesthesia. Besides, although it also includes risks such as temporary bruising, temporary loss of sensation in the nipples, these cases are not common.

Is breast reduction possible without surgery? 

Today, there is no non-surgical breast reduction treatment that can provide the quality or permanence of the results obtained with breast reduction surgery. While there are legends about specific exercises that can be done to reduce the breast size, these exercises typically only aim to build up the breast muscles, they are insufficient to remove the breast skin and fatty tissue that causes excessive breast size. Although exercise and diet provide some reduction in the breast size, there will be sagging and the desired breast shape will not be achieved as the fullness of the breast will decrease with the loss of fat tissue.

When do the breasts reach the desired shape?

Generally, in the first 3-4 weeks, the breasts look more swollen and upright. Afterward, the swelling begins to decrease, the breast tissue goes down to its intended position, and a more natural breast appearance is obtained in the 3rd month on average.

Does the surgery affect the milk glands and breastfeeding?

According to studies, breast reduction surgeries do not prevent breastfeeding. If the person has breastfeeding potential, she can still breastfeed after surgery. There is only a possibility of a slight decrease in the amount of milk because of the decreased breast volume.

What is the success rate of the surgery? What criteria does it depend on?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation with a high satisfaction rate. Patients do not look back since they both get rid of the weight they have carried for years and have breasts suitable for their body proportion. Understanding the patient’s wishes, deciding the shape and size suitable for her body and the experience of the surgeon play a major role in achieving a successful surgical result.

Will there be a loss of sensation after surgery?

Although temporary loss of sensation may occur after breast reduction surgeries, the sensation usually returns within months. There may be permanent loss of sensation only in very large and sagging breasts, but this is also very rare.

Are the scars after surgery permanent?

Since both lifting and reduction are performed in the surgery, there is an incision vertically extending downwards around the nipple and, if needed, a horizontally extending one below the breasts. These marks never disappear completely, but gradually become pale and less noticeable over time.

When should the working people have the surgery? How long leave should be taken?

Breast reduction surgery can be done in all seasons. Only in hot periods, the person should do good wound care so that no wound healing problems are experienced with moisturization. The person comes for a check on the 3rd day after the operation and then continues her daily life from where she had left. Usually, 3 to 5 days off are sufficient.

Is the liposuction method used in breast reduction?

Mostly, large breast size is accompanied by sagging and its treatment is breast reduction surgery. If the form of the breast is good but if it is large and it is thought to be due to fat, the breasts can be reduced to a certain extent by only liposuction (fat absorption method). However, this is preferred in a very limited number of cases.

In some patients, there is an increase in fat on the sides of the breast, extending to the back. In such cases, breast reduction surgery is combined with liposuction to the side areas.


In which cases is breast reduction surgery not recommended?

In cases of excessive smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, severe heart failure, or having had by-pass surgery, and in cases of extreme obesity, surgery may not be recommended considering the general condition of the patient.


Is there an age limit for breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age, even in young patients who have not breastfed. In general, surgery is not recommended under the age of 18 as the breast has not completed its development yet, but some young patients with uncontrolled growth of breasts can be operated at an earlier age. However, these young patients are informed that a second surgery may be required later in their life since their breasts have not fully developed yet.