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Buttock Prosthesis

An aesthetic hip appearance is provided with a thin waist and a vertical and rounded butt that does not extend to the sides.

Hips that are smaller or larger than their normal size, sagging, or disproportionate to the waist can be given a more aesthetic appearance with different methods. For this purpose, silicone prosthesis, liposuction (to the hip, waist, buttock side, and lower regions), fat injections, and buttock lift methods are used. One or more of these methods can be applied together according to the needs of the patient.

Silicone prostheses are preferred to add volume to the buttocks in people who do not have enough adipose tissue. Silicone prostheses are products designed according to the anatomy of the buttock, different in appearance from breast prostheses. Since the incision is placed in the groove between the hips, there is no scar problem. After the operation, attention should be paid to sitting, especially in the first week, and necessary hygiene and care should be done.