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Chin Aesthetics

The chin and lips, which have a large share in the formation of the face, greatly affect the facial appearance. In the profile image, if the chin size is larger or smaller than its normal size, being in a forward or backward position disrupts the harmony. Therefore, it adversely affects the aesthetic appearance.

In cases where the chin tip is longer than normal size or protruding, the process of shaving the excess bone part by performing a procedure from the inner face of the lower lip is called chin reduction surgery.

Although it is possible to enlarge the chin tip with filler, this is a temporary method and can be used for a temporary test period in people who are generally afraid of a permanent application for the chin tip and have doubts about the result. Although it is possible to enlarge and shape the chin tip with the injection of fat tissue taken from the body through liposuction, the results are not very predictable. The enlargement made with chin tip prostheses is a permanent method. The procedure is performed with an incision made inside the mouth or under the chin. The procedure is completed by placing silicone or medpore cheek prosthesis of a suitable size on the cheekbone.