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Ear Aesthetics

Although the prominent ear looks cute in childhood, it is an anatomical disorder that worries children psychologically. Three main anatomical problems cause prominent ear formation. These are undeveloped ear fold, a deep concha, the earlap being completely away from the base of the skull. These disorders can be of different severity in each patient. Surgery is aimed at correcting these deformities. During the child development period, it is at the age of 6-7 that the child perceives his own body, compares his own body with other people and it is at this period when this problem creates permanent problems in the child’s personality. This is also a period when the child starts school, participates in a wide social environment, and is more open to external stimuli. Since most of the ear development (80%) is completed by the age of 5-6, it is recommended to correct the prominent ear deformity by surgery at these ages.

Surgery can be performed under general anesthesia in children and under local anesthesia in adults. Cartilage is shaped with an incision made behind the ear, and if it is away from the skull base, it is brought closer. If the ear lobe is large, it can be reduced.

There is no serious risk of prominent ear surgery. However, although very rare, hematoma (blood accumulation or clot) may occur as a result of wound infection and bleeding. These problems can often be corrected with dressing and medication.