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Facelift surgery is a facial rejuvenation surgery that includes the entire upper, middle, and lower facial regions, reversing the signs of aging on the face. It is performed to give your skin a young look by restoring the cheeks, chin edges, and neck sagging. When deep lines, sagging, excess fat tissues are removed, your face looks more vibrant, natural, young, and more dynamic. Full facelift surgeries are performed by lifting the skin with the help of an incision that starts in front of the ear and turns behind the ear and extends from there into the hairy scalp. The duration of the operation varies between 3 and 4 hours on average.

Who can have a facelift surgery?

Mostly, those aged 50 and over have facelift. Those under the age of 50 who have sagging on the neck, face, and lip edges also have this surgery. Those who do not have a health problem that will risk facelift surgery, who are psychologically ready for this surgery and have realistic expectations about the results of it can have this surgery.

What are experienced in the recovery period after facelift surgery?

Facelift operations are generally painless, but patients often complain about tension, sense of pressure, swelling, and bruises. The bruises and swelling on the face begin to disappear after 6 or 7 days. Bandages in the operation area are removed in a short time. Pain that may occur after the surgery is controlled with recommended painkillers. Stitches can be removed between 5 and 7 days. If the patient returns to her routine life one week after the operation, she can start work. The full recovery time varies between 2 or 3 weeks. Surgery scars become completely unnoticeable by taking the same color as the skin after 1 year.