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With the aesthetic filling application used to get rid of the fine lines on the face or to add volume to the face, deep wrinkles, collapsed or sagging cheeks disappear and natural facial contours come back. The most preferred filling request among women is full lips.

The most used filling material is Hyaluronic acid. The allergy risk of the substance is very low.

Areas of Use of the Filling

Most frequently used areas;

– Filling out the lip and clarifying lip contours

– Eliminating deep lines between the eyebrows and on the forehead

– Elimination of mouth edge folds

– Filling collapses between lips and chin


The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes on average. After the procedure, you can quickly continue your routine life. There is a possibility of mild swelling and redness. No pain occurs. The filling can be applied together with botox. The duration of temporary fillings varies between 6 and 24 months.

Although it is rare, there is a possibility of developing an allergy to the filling. Due to this, situations such as swelling and redness are seen. In this case, you can see your doctor and have it under control.