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Neck and Jowl Aesthetics

Like our face and hands, unfortunately, our neck is also a region that reveals our age. The most obvious signs of aging in the neck are loosening and sagging of the skin, fattening in the jowl area, the formation of vertical bands due to the loosening of the neck muscles, and the loss of the neck angle. Although the face and neck lifting are often performed together, sometimes there may be severe sagging in the neck without any obvious signs of aging on the face. Then only neck lift surgery is enough.


What procedures are performed for neck and jowl aesthetics?

  • Neck lift: If only neck lift is to be performed, an incision should be formed starting from the front of the earlobe and extending behind the ear and into the hairy scalp. The skin in the neck area is lifted, and the SMAS layer containing the deep tissue and mimic muscles under the skin is exposed. Along with the skin, this sagging layer has to be stretched and shaped as well with the techniques suitable for the needs of the patient. If there is also fattening on the neck, liposuction is required simultaneously. In some patients, if there are vertical bands in the midline of the neck and muscle loosening, this causes a turkey neck appearance. In such cases, an incision is made under the chin and these muscles are intervened and the neckline becomes apparent.
  • Vaser liposuction: By performing liposuction to the neck area, it is possible to make the neckline apparent in young patients who generally do not have skin sagging. In fact, the facial area (chin, cheeks, mouth edges…) can be shaped with the fat tissue taken from the neck area.
  • Thread lift methods for the neck: A method that can be applied to people who do not have too much sagging on the skin and have strong skin elasticity is lifting with the help of a thread. It is a suitable method for patients who do not want scars and who want minimal surgical procedures. If there is fattening in the neck area, it can be combined with liposuction or if there is microgenia, it can be combined with chin prosthesis.


What should be considered after these procedures?

Wearing a corset for 2 weeks especially after neck lift and liposuction suppresses edema and contributes to recovery. Neck massage is recommended for the next 1-2 months for rapid recovery of the skin. As with other facial area surgeries, the person should avoid direct sunlight for at least 3 months.

Are the results of neck plastic surgery permanent?

Since the gravity effect and the aging process will continue, some loosening and sagging occur in the operated areas over time. However, this situation never returns to its pre-operative state. The duration of the process varies according to the procedure performed and the skin quality of the person. Especially in those with oily and thick skin structure, the effect lasts a little less.