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Non Surgical Face Lift with Threads

Although the most effective method for the treatment of aging signs and sagging in our face over time is the facelift surgery, a popular and effective method in recent years for patients who are hesitant about surgery or have little deformity is the facelift with the help of dynamic suspensions.

These threads, developed in France, are dynamic because they are softer and more flexible. Thanks to these features, they do not prevent facial gestures and cause an artificial appearance. Besides, due to the structure of this thread, the duration of its permanence is longer. Although it varies according to the skin thickness and skin quality of the patient, it has a permanence of 3-5 years.

The application can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia according to the pain threshold of the person.

What are the things to be careful after the thread suspension procedure?

  • Sleeping face down after the procedure may cause negativity. It is necessary to pay attention to this situation in the first weeks.
  • One should be gentle while washing the face.
  • Exaggerated gestures should be avoided.
  • The face should not be massaged or rubbed.
  • Activities such as sports and heavy exercise should be avoided for a while.