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Nose (Rhinoplasty)

What is rhinoplasty surgery?

Our nose is in the middle and the most protruding structure of our face that reflects our personality contains our racial features. As it attracts so much attention, one of the most common plastic surgeries in our country is rhinoplasty. The function is as important as the appearance in rhinoplasty. If the appearance of the person’s nose is beautiful but breathing problems persist, it means that the desired result has not been achieved.

Another important issue in nose aesthetics is the harmony of the nose with the face. It is important to take an integrated approach when evaluating the nose. It should be evaluated together with the whole face, especially the forehead, cheeks, lips, and chin.


What is done in rhinoplasty surgery?

Nose reduction, nose augmentation, shape change in the tip of the nose or nasal hump, and narrowing in the width of the nostrils can be performed with rhinoplasty. The therapeutic method for congenital or injury-related deformities and nasal breathing problems is rhinoplasty surgery.


Is the result of rhinoplasty surgery permanent for life?

The result of the surgery is permanent, but changes are inevitable due to environmental factors, gravity, and aging effects. As the nasal cartilages of a person who do not have the surgery are enlarged, the tip of the nose can fall, or as his nasal skin may become thicker, these changes may also occur in the person with rhinoplasty. However, it never returns to its pre-operative state.


Is Rhinoplasty surgery risky?

Since rhinoplasty surgery is an operation performed in the nose, no scars are visible. Certain tests should be done before the surgery to determine the suitability of the patient for anesthesia. In case of a risky situation, the patient is informed to cancel the surgery.


When can the result of the rhinoplasty operation be seen?

Some aesthetic benefits of the operation begin to be seen after the completion of the first phase of the recovery period (approximately in the 2nd week). The final results are obtained in a year or more. As even the smallest swelling will affect the image, each point must be corrected for the final appearance.

Is there a certain age limit for rhinoplasty surgery?

As with any plastic surgery, rhinoplasty operation is applied to people over the age of 18.


Conditions after rhinoplasty surgery

There will be a feeling of swelling in the face within the first 24 hours after the rhinoplasty surgery is performed. You may experience nose pain or headache afterward. The bruises and swelling around your eyes will be at their most visible stage within 2 to 3 days. You can reduce this swelling by applying cold. In this way, you feel a little better. Swelling and bruises will gradually heal towards the end of the first week. There is a small tampon placed in your nose during the operation. This will allow you to breathe comfortably. The tampon placed in the nose will be removed on average 3 days after the operation. The plaster on the nose is removed after 7-10 days.


The process of returning to normal after rhinoplasty surgery

Most of the people who have had a rhinoplasty surgery get up and walk around within two days and can return to their routine lives a week after the surgery. It takes a few weeks before you can fully return to your daily life.

When can glasses be used?

Prescription glasses or sunglasses can be used at the earliest 2 months after the operation.