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Thigh Lift

It is a procedure applied to remove sagging in the inner thigh area. Eligible patients are elderly or previously obese patients who have lost most of their excess weight.

Young patients with excess fat in the inner thigh area are not suitable for this procedure. The appropriate method in such patients is liposuction surgery.

The biggest problem in thigh lift surgery is the scars.

After thigh lift, the patient wears special liposuction corsets and can often be discharged from the hospital on the same day or the next day. Care in the postoperative period is important. Keeping the area clean prevents problems such as infection or wound lips separation. Drains placed under the flap to prevent blood accumulation are removed within 1-3 days. It takes 1 week for the patient to return to her normal life and 4 weeks to return to full activities (such as doing sports).